Pig Iron & Ingot Casting Machines Since 1913

Non-Ferrous Ingot, De-Ox Cone, Pyramid Casting Machines.

Economy Industrial Non-Ferrous Casting

Non-Ferrous ingot casting machines produced by Economy Industrial offer the same rugged construction and reliability as our heavier-duty ferrous ingot casting machines. Installations include ingot casting machines for copper, brass, bronze, tin, lead, zinc and aluminum.

Many producers have scrapped their old light-duty ingot casting machines to take advantage of the automation and reliability offered by Economy’s Mini Caster machines. Heavier chain and sprockets mean longer life with fewer maintenance delays. Heavier moulds minimize replacements. Atomized water cooling spray designs of the ingots and moulds reduce replacement cost and labor.

MC Casting Machine Capacity.

Cone Casting.

Cone casting machines have been supplied to produce Aluminum de-ox cones and pyramids, Ferro Aluminum cones and ingots, and Ferro Nickel cones and ingots.

Mini Caster Gallery.