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Rotary Dryer.

The Economy Industrial rotary drying system is designed to extract process water from the final product and prepare the product for storage or shipping. There are four basic sections to the complete rotary drying system:

An induced draft (ID) Fan The Rotary dryer A Trommel screen to classify material A Burner to dry the product

The ID fan pulls a draft of heated air through the rotary dryer. The size of the fan is dependent on the size of the dryer with a typical capacity of about 50,000 cfm of air movement. The speed of the fan motor is variable to fine tune the air flow. Typical horsepower on the fan is 40-75 hp. The heated air and moisture are then ducted outside of the building.

The rotary dryer consists of a long rotating tube with several lifting bars installed inside. As product flows into the rotary dryer the lifting bars raise the product and drop it through heated air to facilitate drying. The resident time of product in the dryer may be varied through a variable speed control that controls the speed of the motor that drives the gear reducer controlling the rotating speed of the dryer. Speed may be varied from 1-35 rpm.

The trommel screen is attached to the end of the rotary dryer. It is a tube the same diameter as the dryer with a series of openings of varying sizes to classify the product. The Trommel Screen rotates along with the dryer. Oversized items are screened out of the final product.

The burner is located at the opposite end of the dryer system. The Burner provides the heat for the induced draft to dry the product. Economy Industrial uses only Honeywell / Maxon burners, controls and gas trains. The Maxon Ovenpak integral burner and blower is used with sizes from 3-10 mbtu. The controller allows for the burner to be controlled locally or remotely through a programmable logic controller (PLC).