Pig Iron & Ingot Casting Machines Since 1913

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Pig iron casting machines from 2 tons to 250 tons per hour.

Pig Iron & Ingot Casting Machines

During the past 100 years Economy Industrial has supplied pig and ingot casting machines to leading metal producers in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Norway, Iceland, South Africa, and Australia. Economy Industrial's pig & ingot casting machines include the following:

Patented pig casting process technology Proprietary pig casting machine design features Improved yield and reduced operating & maintenance costs Casting from a furnace, ladle tilter or hot metal bottle car

Economy’s Industrial's Ferro Alloy pig and ingot casting machines are used around the world by leading Ferro Alloy producers. Economy Industrial patented process control technology developed in the 1980's led to the supply of Ferroalloy casting machines for such diverse products including High Carbon Ferrochrome, Ferronickel, High and Low carbon Ferromanganese, Ferrosilicon, Silicon based Ferroalloys, Ferrotitanium, Silicon Manganese, Nickle Matte, Copper Matte, Nickel and Cobalt based Alloys.

By developing process design parameters to control the peak steady-state temperature of the casting machine moulds. Economy Industrial offers ferroalloy producers the opportunity to automatically cast metal with higher strength, less segregation, and smaller grain size than with conventional techniques.

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